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Background: my mom worked at a very small hospital in a very small town for 30+ years and is close to most of the doctors, nurses, and office workers not only in the hospital but around the whole town as well. My GP who I have seen since I was ~10 years old is one of them my mother is close with. I moved away for college when I was 18 but continued seeing him due to just not wanting to mess with finding a new GP and my mom wanting me to continue seeing him since I've seen him half my life.

I get routine blood work done to measure how my liver is doing as well as monitor the levels of a certain medication I take to make sure that I'm not getting too little/too much. The results of this information or the fact that I have those tests done isn't a big secret I want to keep, they don't really mean anything unless I were to become sick and they don't test for information like say illicit drugs.

The first time I had this work done, I hadn't been to that doctor in a while to really remember if this had happened in the past, but they called my mom with my results. They even told her specifics, like what my liver enzymes were and what exact mg/mL the medication level was. Again, it's not like to my mother this is anything I want to hide, but it was a little concerning that she got the call and I never received any call about my results. I go in for these monthly, so the next month that I went I told the woman working in the lab of the office that I wanted to update my information to make sure I got the results (I thought also since I had been seeing this doctor since I was 10 I probably had never given them my phone number). A few days later my mother again got the call and called to tell me my results; I again got no call from the office. Once again, not a big deal, but since this happened when I explicitly gave my phone number in place of my mother's, I was a little tipped off that I wasn't called again. I chose to wait until my next lab work to say anything again anyway.

At this visit I had both lab work and an appointment to get a refill on birth control. He asked me to do a pregnancy test in with this blood work due to me running out of said birth control a few days earlier. I wasn't worried that I was pregnant, but I knew that now it was serious time to make them stop calling my mom with my results. I asked the lady drawing my blood to confirm my phone number to see if it even got put in last time. It did, so on my way out I stopped to talk to the women who always work in the office/at the desk and tell them explicitly that I and I alone want to be called for my results - not my mother. They nonchalantly agreed and I asked them to check my phone number on the system they use in the office, and it was there. I happened to be visiting in town during this time and staying with my mom, who, you guessed it, got the phone call right in front of me telling her my results including negative pregnancy test. My mom BLEW UP at me asking why I needed to take a pregnancy test (I didn't think this was a big deal especially since it was negative). That all blew over, but at this point I was pissed that she kept getting this information.

I ended up getting into it with my mom, telling her that that was a direct breech of HIPAA and she knows it after working in a hospital. She laughed it off and said something about the doctor knowing me since I was born, her being friends with the office ladies and the doctor, and the one that hit me the most, "it's not a big deal - I'm your mom!"

Since then, I've been getting my lab work done elsewhere. To no surprise there are no issues. I don't really know what to do here. Since I cut ties with that doctor, I no longer have personal problems with this, but I'm sure other people do without even knowing it. I don't have resources really for a lawyer. I might consider it depending on how serious you all think this is. So how serious is it really?



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This couple decided to bring their son, I assume was around the age of 10 to the movies. They sat five seats down from me. I noticed during the previews a howling noise, in which I turned and saw the couple and their son, who I assume was mentally handicap by his behavior. Every five minutes, he would get up and leave the theater. When he came back, he would blurt our something loud enough for everybody to hear. This went on the ENTIRE film. It’s not the child’s fault, but parents should show some consideration for everybody is.


Title says it all.

Canon versions only.

Both bloodlusted in the Jedi Temple during Order 66.



I'm a custodian at a local school board, our cleaning section is broke down into square footage and how long it takes to clean it.

Kinder rooms are 25.8 minutes, regular classrooms are 12.3, portables 19.8, set of washrooms 25.6, so on..

This kindergarten classroom had glitter everywhere and the kids absolutely destroyed the room on a regular basis, i put up with it for the whole month of September and part of this month. I finally mentioned to the principal that it's taking me longer than normal to clean the room - as glitter takes months to get rid of and I'm short on other rooms.. She said ' your a custodian, just do your damn job '.

Oh, ok, my apologies, no problem!

I put my phone by the door recording me cleaning the room, at the 25.8 minute mark (that would be 25 mins, 50 seconds) my alarm went off. I dropped everything, grabbed my phone, turned the light off and locked the door.

I didn't have time for the kinder washroom, vac the carpets or take the garbage out. Oh well.

I got called in for answers the next morning, I stated my case, my supervisor was called, and I called my union. I am in the right, however i should of consulted the union before... Oh well ! They are looking at increasing supervision now..


My mom retired last year. All she had in her 401K was $30,000. She blew through $20,000 in a year buying gifts for the grandkids, giving loans to my siblings that they never paid back and to pay down bills (which was good).

My mom has four kids but, one is a fuckup. The other lives on the other side of the country and that’s for the best because she constantly asks to borrow money and gets angry when we don’t give her any. The last one is my only sane sibling but she’s treading water to survive. So that leaves me. Now I feel guilt because my mom took care of me during my period of unemployment. She was still working at her job. From 24 to 28 after leaving college (I went to school late), I worked retail and then worked temp office jobs that were sporadic and short term. Thus the unemployment. You can imagine how shitty it felt to be 27/28 still living at home and unemployed. I finally got a real career job at 28. Making good money. I just turned 30 a few weeks ago so I’ve been making good money for two years now. I have a good amount in savings. I could easily move out of the house but the moment I do, my mom will be homeless essentially, as she is retired now and pretty much has nothing saved. My sisters try to shame me for living home when in reality, I’m paying 70% of the household bills. I don’t know what to do. I feel a mixture of guilt because I didn’t get my shit together until late so I owe my mom pretty much everything + the desire to get back out on my own + resentment for my mom’s lack of financial acumen + guilt knowing that if I’m paying the rent and I leave my mom won’t be able to with only her social security income.

I don’t know what to do. My general plan is just to earn more money and move out, so I can help her and still live on my own. My one sister gets in arguments with my mom too frequently so they can’t live together. My other sibling who asks for money frequently is ironically selfish. My last sibling is in no place to help anyone.

Any advice here?


Edit to thank everybody for taking the time to reply, I was so not expecting to wake up to this. Hundreds of people talking about my dick in the bath haha. I hope you all have a wonderful day :)


How did this all begin ? What is happening in honduras to want them to depart by such large numbers suddenly? Also how could this have been organized ?


While I was on my way to FIRE, it was rapidly accelerated when I had a windfall inheritance. With two young children I was forced to evaluate my priorities. Being 38/M/married with $3.2M, I wanted to make sure that we, meaning the entire family, were happy.

Because the ability to pick-up and travel would be difficult with the kids for now, I decided to focus on FI.

I still work, and I’ve honestly gotten better at my job. Because of the lack of fear of getting fired I can swing for the fences. I sell enterprise software and have decided to no longer climb the ladder. I’m making about $150K-$200K depending on the year, but live a lifestyle that I love. I go to the gym and come in late. I’ll take a few long lunches, and typically leave by 4 PM on most days. I still hit all my quotas, but I’m not kissing ass or showing off. I’ve actually started mentoring my coworkers recently when I find they are struggling.

I leave my laptop at work most nights and don’t answer emails from home. I will check my schedule on Sunday nights to help plan the week.

My wife and I take a few vacations a year, all paid by salary/bonuses as not to affect my principle in the market.

I have about 15 years before I really RE, but this lifestyle means I get to enjoy my life until then as opposed to hating life.

FIRE has many incarnations and it seems like this sub can get hung up on what it means sometimes.


Hi, everyone. I am Lisa Fletcher, an investigative reporter for ABC 7 in Washington, D.C. Earlier this year, I broke the story about the drug pentobarbital being found in some pet food. Pentobarbital is most commonly used to euthanize dogs, cats and some horses.

During our investigation, we worked with an analytical lab that specializes in testing food for contaminants. After months of tests and re-tests, one brand repeatedly came back positive for pentobarbital. That brand was Gravy Train, which is made by Big Heart Pet Foods and owned by Smucker’s.

Our story prompted an FDA investigation and resulted in more than 100 million cans of pet food being recalled. Ultimately, four brands made by Big Heart/Smuckers — Kibbles'n Bits, Gravy Train, Skippy and Ol' Roy — were pulled from shelves.

My proof.

I am excited to be here taking your questions today.

Ask me anything!


Ya boy finally did it, I got myself one of them girlfriends, she's beyond gorgeous. definitely what i'd consider out of my league. It was a girl from my class that I literally walked up to and asked for her snap. She gave me it, we've been talking and yesterday we had our first date. We were supposed to hike but couldn't find the trail entrance and headed back to my car. We ended up vaping off a thc cartridge and spent 5 hours in the back of my car, doing a lot of first things for me. I've never kissed a girl, let alone do what we did yesterday. I really want to thank this subreddit, I've been a longtime lurker but the amount of motivation I've gotten from here has helped me tremendously. It hasn't been at all easy for me, I spent the last 3 years losing weight and achieving a body that I knew I could be confident in, but honestly it's been an even bigger battle in my head confidence-wise. I had a lot of struggle simply forgetting that I wasn't who I was before, I ended up forcing myself into social situations, I don't know why but I started really liking the little adrenaline rushes I got from them. I'm by no means saying I have perfected anything, I just really took a lot of the tips being discussed here to heart, and physically wrote notes. Once again thank you guys very much, I really couldn't have done it without you guys. If I could say one thing to take away from this, is work and mold yourself into what makes you happy, and lastly "Nut up or Shut up", because I live off of past regrets and I really don't want to add more to that list.


I’ve had several messages of support from TSM fans during this worlds run and I’d like to say thank you.

Cloud9’s success at worlds this year will have a positive impact for our entire region not only for fan and sponsor support but more importantly in our players mentality. Our regions players can now confidently say that they are aiming to win worlds and be a real threat at future tournaments. Next year I fully expect C9 and TSM at worlds together and both getting our of groups!


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