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This coworker of mine is beautiful and very popular, but in my opinion is taking this hippie thing entirely too far. Her daughter is smart enough but constantly reverting to acting like a toddler; she's doing it more than she acts her age. I support extended breast feeding but this is getting weird. We work at a health food store; we are talking major crunchy granola. So, once she let it slip that they all sleep naked in bed together. I honestly do not think they are pedophiles at all, but as liberal as I am, that's still getting weird at her age. I've always minded my own business, but now she's saying she's going to pull the girl out of the public school because the classroom teacher is starting to question the emotional development of the child. Do I mind my own business or make a discreet phone call to CPS? No way in Hell would I discuss the matter with her; she's on one hell of an ego trip. Could I do this anonymously? I can't risk CPS telling her it was me. One last detail: another coworker's daughter spent the night at their house and they had both girls running around naked, which would not have been cool with the girl's conservative mom, but the adults were not naked in front of the girls. # Free Spirit!


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As a first time DM, I tried very hard not to let myself get too carried away. I knew that people might have different expectations, and that it would take a while to feel those out and settle into a play style that suited everyone.

However, early on some big red flags cropped up: one person consistently meta games, which forces me to adjust encounters to keep them on their toes. Another has put all his spare time into maxing out his characters stats, so that he barely takes damage in combat and has no real risks. Another wasn't interested in role play or subterfuge at all, only stabbing and killing.

These things I carefully tackled: I made NPCs for them to interact with and moved plot points around so that things were ever changing and unpredictable. A problem player who continually tried to annoy the other players was allowed to die from his own mistakes, and has not been invited back. I thought I had a handle on things.

Except my husband. From day one, his utter lack of respect for my DMing has been obvious: refusing to open chests he has a key to "on principle" but whining endlessly that the consequence was having other players try to take the key from him. Apparently I shouldn't allow that. I also shouldn't allow people to have big stats because that's not fair, and I shouldn't allow people to get information out of NPCs just because they role played the conversation and he just wanted to roll for it. I shouldn't tell them how many exits there are unless they roll for perception and I shouldn't make them roll a stealth to go through a room that seems empty. It's not fair to expect everyone to stick to races and classes in the handbook and it's cruel to penalize someone for roleplaying so badly it took 20minutes to ask a simple question, with not giving them what they came for, even if they never actually got around to asking for it.

You name it, he criticized it. Endlessly interrupting me. I could deal with the non stop pop culture references up until I had to restart the same scene description four or five times, and was bitched at for not pausing to give him a chance to rob someone (which he could e done instead of quoting movies) I had to repeatedly ask for no phones at the table, for people to tell me what they're rolling for before they throw the dice etc. And all the time my husband is demanding the second from me, but to the extreme : I can't use my phone to look up a spell someone has asked to use, I need to stop action description to roll and then let everyone see the dice before I can carry on (slowed combat down massively) etc.

And then tonight. The party turned up and the jokes were flowing, but for some reason husband had to argue about everything. Guard asked him his name? "Well why don't you tell me your name?" And then threatens him! Get told he's under arrest and these are the charges? "You can't charge us for this! DM is just trying to kill us off!" And disguises himself into something offensive. Reminded him OOC he's supposed to be a wood elf, why is he being antagonistic? In character, he is asked to shut up and speak in turn, interrupts AGAIN and is shackled? Immediately tried to pick the lock whilst the guard are still looking at him and is outraged that he is seen and spotted, pouts when told he needs to at least wait for the conversation to move on a little bit so the guards are distracted. Took fourth minutes for an NPC to read out their crimes and get their names. Literally, that's all. Everyone had to argue with her, none of them role played their characters showing her respect AS AN OFFICER OF THE LAW DECIDING WHETHER TO HAVE THEM EXECUTED. Nope, just insult her, interrupt her, refuse to answer her questions. Husband was the worst for this.

And I gave up. Eventually I got stuck with husband incessantly arguing that, in the form of a fox, he should totally be able to use his whiskers to pick a lock, or that lunging at someone with a dagger shouldn't cause a fight, or that "disguise self" should totally let him turn into a bear- and I am done. I just told them, I can't do this. I'm sorry, if my expectations of what to provide as DM don't match up with the game they were looking for, and I'm sorry to disappoint them all, but I can't be endlessly fighting with the players about the already established rules over and over again- the same arguments, every week, with the same people who refuse to accept my authority. I told them that I loved weaving a story for them. I loved watching them fight their way through it and I loved seeing the ways they figured out how to keep themselves alive. I loved the side quests and the funny moments, but, honestly, I am clearly not the DM they want. I'm not even telling a story right now, I'm guiding an ongoing debate about the laws of the world they're in, and whether or not you can see what's in someone's pockets from 25ft away. Whilst looking at card decks and playing Pokémon Go. I mean, seriously? The fact that I had to ask them not to is a fucking joke.

Husband had repeatedly stated he wants certain things to happen and I can't make everyone happy, so I shall pass the remainder of the campaign over to him and he can finally be incharge and have the game he wants.

And I'm sad. I feel like they saw me as someone who throws a strop. They didn't seem to understand that, for me, it's about telling a story, not arguing that your movement is 30ft and no you can't just double it. It's not about killing their characters, it's about challenging them and seeing them become fully fledged out, rather than meme spouting murder hobos who whine when assaulting and robbing townsfolk gets them in trouble, or the powerful weapon they hoped to find wasn't there, or if they drank a potion they were explicitly told turns people into animals and was turned into a fox.

I don't need advice. This is more of a tale of warning. If your players treat you like your world, your rules and your story don't matter, if they argue every aspect because it's not exactly what they want it to be, if they stop play to open up the handbook and tell people what needs to be done next, GET OUT. Run far, run fast. It's not worth burning a friendship or a marriage over. Just let it go, and leave them to play the game they want to play, because you can't reign them in.


Does anything really top the"Great Emu Wars" of Australia in the early 1930s? If you don't know of them, basically three men equiped with two Lewis Gun machine guns responded to farmers complaints of Emus ruining thier crops. They basically tried to do some population control by mowing them down. What really makes me laugh is the Commander's personal letter he wrote on the matter: "If we had a military division with the bullet-carrying capacity of these birds it would face any army in the world... They can face machine guns with the invulnerability of tanks. They are like Zulus whom even dum-dum bullets could not stop." The best part, the farmers were still asking for military support with dealing with the Emus even during WWII!


Anyone have any historical event funnier that can top this?


As I was entering a bank for an ATM, a car pulled into the parking lot with a couple bickering the whole time, slinging swears at each other. While his wife was waiting in the car, the man came in and just had to give me some advice: "Watch out for women. Wait to get your first million, get a wife, then hide your million." He went off about his wife for a bit. He'd been married for more than 20 years which gave him plenty of material.

I asked him how'd he had managed such a feat. He softened and said he'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Apparently it wasn't all bad.


This exact line was spoken to two of my friends when they went out to lunch today.

The restaurant wasn't super busy, but it wasn't slow either. They got seated relatively quickly, but had to wait a couple minutes for their server, which they didn't mind at all.

She showed up and got their drinks. A beer for H, a Pina Colada for G.

Their drinks are brought by another server. They don't see their waitress until 15 minutes later, despite seeing her talking to other tables.

They both get steaks, cooked medium, baked potatoes with butter and sour cream, roasted vegetables for H, risotto for G. The waitress takes this all down without looking up at them.

Their salads and food are again brought by the other waitress. She's super sweet, asks if they need anything, and promises to get them more drinks.

Both steaks are well done. Attempts to flag down their waitress get nowhere, but the other waitress comes over and promises to get the steaks refired. The new steaks come out fine.

Not once has their waitress come over to check on them. But they've seen her at other tables nearby several times.

It is next to impossible to flag down their waitress when they decide to order dessert. Finally, she sees them, and comes over.

G asks for the chocolate cake dessert, and is told 'we're out' in a clipped tone. So he asks for cheesecake, she says okay, and moves away from the table.

At this point, H and G are both thinking WTF. And when 15 minutes go by without the cheesecake arriving, they flag down the nice waitress, and ask for the bill. She brings it back in about two seconds, and the cheesecake they never received is on it.

The nice waitress offers to bring them it to go, and on a whim H asks if they have the chocolate cake dessert. Surprise surprise, they do. Nice waitress promises to get them that too, winks, and says 'we'll just say it's your birthday'.

H leaves 0 in the tip line on the bill, but hands $40 to the nice waitress as thanks. This is about a 40% tip.

Which is probably what sets the other waitress off. As my friends are leaving, she stops them, and asks 'what, don't you tip black people' with the nastiest look on her face.

My friends just navigate around her and leave.

I don't know if she didn't want to serve them because they were a gay couple, or because they were an interracial couple, or because of another reason known only to her. But obviously they tip, because the nice waitress got a good tip for being kind to them, and if the nasty waitress had been doing her job, she'd have gotten tipped too.

So, overall, it was a very strange experience for my friends. They couldn't figure out what was going on, because she was going to all the other tables, and her saying they didn't have the dessert was just weird. And after the dessert thing, they were wondering if she put their steaks in wrong.

They're not sure if they should call in and say something, or if they should just let it go and if she's their waitress the next time they go there, ask for someone else?


I had a 90 year old professor who taught me both statics and dynamics. Wasnt the best of professors but it was amazing that he was still teaching because he always sounded like he was about to croak any minute and we would need to call the ambulance or something.

Anyways first day of Dynamics class he's giving his intro and say in the most serious tone, "Dynamics is a lot like statics...but more dynamic..." I knew it was going to be another really long semester.


Over the years I’ve read several posts on this sub from women that have been victimized by sexual assault. I unfortunately knew the day would come when it would happen to my daughter . Well, that day was this week.

First some background. My daughters biological mother is not involved in her life. I raised her on my own from when she was about 3 until I remarried about 5 years ago. My wife (daughters step mother) and my daughter have a good relationship. However, there is still a void there. This has lead to some depression, anxiety and questions of worth. A few months ago she came to us and said she had been having suicidal thoughts and had been harming herself. We immediately got her in counseling and she has made some great strides. But it’s still something she struggles with.

About 2 months ago, I found she was in a relationship with a boy. We’ll call him E. E is not a good dude. But he also comes from a broken home and she felt there was a connection. I came across some concerning text messages (sexual in nature, drugs, etc). After some heart to heart conversations my daughter decided to break it off with him. That was about 2 weeks ago.

This past week has been tough. E and his posse of friends have been harassing my daughter. Calling her slut, whore, bitch and spreading rumors around school. On Wednesday, E and one of his friends “T” cornered her in the hallway. T grabbed her backpack and pulled her up against him. He then said “we’re going to kill you you f’n bitch”. At that point E walked up, put his phone against her head (pretending it was a gun) and said “you’re dead”. This whole time she is telling them to stop and leave her alone. Next, T put his hand up the back of her shirt and was trying to undo her brastrap.

Finally, one of her friends stepped in and the boys left her alone. But now for the most disappointing part.

When I met with the school officer the next day he pretty much tried to talk us out of pressing charges. My thought was, if he gets away with this, what’s going to stop him from going further and doing this again? Here is just a few of the despicable things the officer said. “These kids are all sexed up, they don’t know what they are doing. We shouldn’t rush to judgement.” “ Girls need to learn how to stand up for themselves. If they just allow boys to treat them like this it’s going to keep happening.” “I really don’t know what will come of this. She has her story and he has his. It will be hard to verify what really happened.” “Be prepared for the backlash. She’s going to be a target now.” “Watch out for the social media backlash. Once this gets around she will be subjected to a lot of scrutiny.” To his point, there is a very active local FB community page for where we live. He also said “well the assistant principal told me the boys were just playing around and didn’t mean any harm”.

WTF man, I gave him a few choice words of my own but was honestly shocked by how it was handled. We were pretty much coached to not file formal charges. It wasn’t until later when talking to my mother (who is a teacher for 30 years) that I realized what was happening. The school doesn’t want us to file formal charges because it dings the school and their rating goes down. If it’s all handled in house, then it doesn’t affect their rating. Apparently it’s common for schools to suppress these incidents as it hurts their rating.

It’s so freaking similar to a law and order SVU episode, or the Kavanaugh situation, or the brave women who spoke out against Hollywood, the list goes on and on. The victim is put under the microscope, questioned, interrogated, scrutinized. The burden is in them. Now my daughter is afraid to return to school, half the school hates her as this boy was apparently popular. I’m honestly at a loss. I would have hoped the school admin would at least take this seriously.

Personally going through this with my daughter has opened my eyes. Its terrible what women go through just to report this type of behavior. My heart goes out to all the strong women out there that have stood up for themselves and others.

I’ll end with a quote from my daughter. “I want to file charges because I want him to know what he did was wrong. And I don’t want him to do it to anyone else. But I also want to show other girls that they don’t have to take this. They can stand up and say no. I want to be strong for them.”

Thanks for reading.

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This week I paid ten dollars for 3-4 years worth of 99%+ effective birth control. I feel so FREE and liberated from so many anxieties of being a low-income gal trying to build a future from scratch.

On my first ever visit to PP last year one of the first questions they asked is if I qualified for their low-income sliding scale payment option. Yup, ~they~ asked ~me~, saving the awkwardness of my shy ass having to bring up the fact that I'm doing the paycheck to paycheck hustle and asking if they had accommodations for folks like me. It was such a small thing, but made a world of difference. I've never been made to feel so looked out for by a healthcare provider.

Something that many people don't know is that, if you live in a large urban center, chances are there's a PP in your area that provides primary care services beyond just reproductive health. If you're struggling to find health care providers that can accommodate your income restrictions, I BESEECH YOU - investigate the services that your local PP has to offer!!

Ladies (and everyone with the potential of carrying a pregnancy), please please please educate yourself on different birth control methods and prioritize pursuing an option that works for you. After working hard at making good choices that will pay off for future me, I'm finally beginning to feel truly empowered and positive about the direction things are headed.


We went to a concert last night. And had some drinks. His mood turned toward the end of the evening and seemed grumpy. I kept asking why he was mad at me and he wouldn’t tell me. He kept calling me a bitch and pulled my hair while I was walking in front of him to the car. On the way home he wouldn’t say one word to me. When we got inside his apartment I said “please talk to me. Why are you made at me? I’m sorry. Please don’t be angry.” He just snapped and pushed me to the couch and started choking me. I was so shocked. He stared right in my eyes while he did it. I couldn’t think of what to do so I slapped him. I just wanted him to let me breathe. Then he slapped me back and started choking me again. I didn’t pass out but my vision was going black. He got off me and left the room. I grabbed my stuff and ran, going to my house. The next day he didn’t apologize he said “I didn’t want to hurt you but you were acting up last night. I love you, but you brought that side out of me.” ....... I don’t know what I should do?! I’m so confused. He has never done this before. Maybe he was just really drunk.


I don't think I need to elaborate any further. False rape accusations utterly destroy lives and in the past has led to those wrongly accused either being imprisoned, being attacked by angry supporters of the "victim", or performing suicide.

If these people aren't going to go to jail for their crime, their name should at least be known for future reference.


The Right Wing Behavior on this sub is out of hand.

Ignoring the larger trend of corporate immorality, focusing on Amazon and other "socially and morally disruptive" tech companies, and the persistent bastardization, political scapegoating, and demonization of those leading social justice causes. (issues such as the Seattle homeless crisis, police reform, regressive sales taxation aka "flat taxes", the environment & carbon, Seattle "indecisiveness" and wasting public money on Stadiums and other frivolous pet projects, speaking as if you speak "for the community" or have "community ties" "im a democrat and...." "i consider myself progressive and...." "i dont like most republicans but...." etc etc))

They claim to honestly critique the City of Seattle, the Seattle City Council, and other local progressive leaders, when their real goal is to demonize, marginalize and undermine progressive values, using the homeless, "my job" excuse and laws targeted at the homeless as scare and scapegoat mechanisms.

Combat conservative influences trying to undermine Seattle's culture and social conscience. Discussion of the horrible situation the Seattle progressive community finds itself in, where Seattle's own city council stabbed itself in the back over the "head tax".

Stopping the manipulation of public perception of progressive values by using faux-moralizing and right wing "thug" tactics, or claiming a "libertarian" point of view as a cover for white right wing extremism.

Go somewhere else to spread you're hate speech and intolerance.

edit: i do not mean the russian people, i mean the russian bots and trolls. also judging by the amount of attacks ive been getting for suggesting that the russians tried to elect and may have elected donald trump president, and the right wings obsession about the steel dossier and russian bots infiltrating social media platforms, republicans vain attemps to brainwash the american public about this historic scandal speaks for itself.


So every day on my way to the gym I eat a bag of pretzels. The bus ride is about 20 minutes. On all public transport, there is a sign that says “no eating, drinking, smoking, listening to music without headphones”. Nobody enforced this unless someone’s being annoying. People hold their coffees and eat snacks literally always.

I’m literally quietly sitting there eating these pretzels out of my pocket and this old lady taps me on the shoulder asks “are you eating?”

Me: “Yes”

Her: “Well you should stop.”

Me: “Is it bothering you?”

Her: “No, but those are the rules”

So I turn around and continue. It’s a small bag of pretzels, I try to eat before I lift, and frankly I’m not making a mess, being loud or smelly, and there’s no nuts or something someone would be allergic too. It’s like the ultimate neutral food.

So this lady gets up for her stop and literally tells on me to the buss driver.


Am I being entitled for being mad by this? Can’t tell if I’m being an entitled asshole or she was just being annoying for no reason.

The bus driver looks at me, I’m literally done with the pretzels by now though. And the guy sitting in front of me turns around and goes “man, some people. If you’re hungry you eat!!”

So I’m like....yeah ok I am probably not disrupting people? But rules are rules?



I've had this question for a few job interviews now, and I never know what the appropriate answer is. What do you say when a company asks what you expect your own rate to be? minimum wage? minimum wage+X?


I witnessed this on a flight waiting to board from London to Johannesburg, an 8+ hour flight. I watched the petty revenge unfold from across the aisle. While we were boarding and getting settled it emerged that the airline had assigned the same seat to two people. One was a angry little old lady and the seats were already occupied by two young men. I guessed friends traveling together.

The flight attendants were already aware of the situation and had asked the lady to wait until boarding was complete so that they could find her a seat. She kept going back and forth making a fuss so that everyone aware of this total outrage. (as if she would have to stand in the aisle for 8 hours).

The attendant arrived and turned to the two men and explained that due to the inconvenience, one of them would be allowed to move to business class. She went into detail explaining the normal rules (you can’t switch seats half way through the flight ... etc). This was implicitly not offered to the lady but she definitely heard the discussion go down.

And that was the last we heard of her complaint.


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